Monday, March 8, 2010

How Can I Not Do This?

Let me start by saying, I'm the chef in this family. I plan menus, I do the grocery shopping, I chop and roast and simmer and deglaze. Hubby's contribution is sometimes stirring but mostly dishes. The exception is breakfast. Ben is a workaholic most of the time (he's really good at his job). This means he gets up early. My morning personality is plagued by a strange dichotomy - I am a morning person, meaning I function way better in the morning than I do in the afternoon or at night, but I hate to wake up early. Now, I was raised in the country. During the school year I got up to go to school, and in the summer, I got up to help with the garden or cows or whatever else. So when I say I hate getting up early, don't start picturing me in silk pjs rolling out of bed to a caviar brunch at 11 am. I almost never sleep past 7, even on the weekends. Still, getting up earlier than that (which we do during the week), especially before the sun comes up, is terrible to me. So, as a necessity, breakfast duties fall to my early-rising mate. He gets up, gets coffee going, makes eggs, prepares us coffee, then wakes me up. It's essential that the last thing comes LAST! This morning, we got up at a time when I can imagine only evil, supernatural creatures like vampires and trolls are awake. I drove Ben to the airport for a business trip and then came home (all before the sun finished coming up). I was doing fine even though I woke up when brains aren't meant to function, but here is where things went wrong. I decided to make coffee. I dumped out yesterday's grounds, poured water in, and hit start. I settled on the couch reading blogs feeling good about hearing the beans grind and the coffee drip (and it smells great!). Then I remembered, if the grounds from yesterday were still in there, there was probably an inch or two of old coffee still in the pot. Take two - dumped it all out and made more coffee. Now what? We like Starbucks mistos which is half steamed milk and half coffee. To make it at home, Ben puts milk in the cup (so much that you have to heat it first) and warms it in the microwave. I have no idea how much milk to put in the cup. I never see this process. I go for half the cup, but I have no idea how long to heat it (when milk boils, it boils over fast). I had to add time and heat again 3 times. I poured the coffee in and instantly knew I had too much milk. I decided to drink some and add more coffee later. We also add a small amount of agave nectar to our coffee. Once again, I have no idea how much to use. I got lucky on that. Now I sort of know the behind the scenes story on how my coffee gets to me each morning.

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