Thursday, April 22, 2010

War Eagle!

Late Friday, we were offered tickets to the A Day game by one of Ben's coworkers. We hadn't planned to go, but changed our minds. We had so much fun! We've been too busy to have season tickets the past few years, but A Day reminded us of how much we do want to have season tickets soon.

We were extra excited to go this year because we could watch my cousin play. He is on the offensive line, number 63.

We also got to preview the new Auburn Arena. It is great! Our old basketball arena had entrances to the seats from the corridor, but wall in between all of the entrances. In other words, if you were out in the area with the concession stands and the restrooms, you could only see the game if you were standing at one of the entrances. The new arena is open with only columns. That is my favorite feature because you can see the game even if you go to the concession stand.

Before we left Auburn, we ate at Niffer's. Niffer's is an Auburn institution, but it is extra special to us because we had our first date there. Ben and I knew each other for several years before we started dating so we had been plenty of places together, even Niffer's, but when we went on the first date, we went to a movie and Niffer's.

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