Friday, July 24, 2009

I've been tagged . . .

8 x 8

Things I am looking forward to:
1. Having children
2. Growing old with Ben
3. Learning a foreign language
4. Learning to play violin
5. Learning to play golf
6. Catching up on my blog
7. Becoming a better photographer
8. Traveling

Things I did yesterday:
1. Talked to Ben
2. Worked
3. Talked to my Mom
4. Shopped
5. Bought some things at Costco
6. Practiced chipping, pitching, and driving
7. Watched the SYTYCD elimination show
8. Ate some Mango sorbet

Things I wish I could do:
1. Perform magic (when I was a child I thought I could if I could just figure out how)
2. Travel all over the world
3. Pay off my debt
4. Be rich so I could establish a foundation
5. Play violin
6. Be fluent in several foreign languages
7. Raise one eyebrow above the other
8. Sing

Shows I watch (all year)
1. Psych
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. The Big Bang Theory
4. Bones
6. The Mentalist
7. Gossip Girl
8. The Closer

Favorite foods
1. Spaghetti
2. Spinach sauteed with garlic
3. Pot pie
4. Milk
5. Dark chocolate
6. Chocolate cake with only raspberry simple syrup on top
7. Fresh vegetables
8. Fruit

Places I've traveled
1. California
2. Denver and Breckenridge, Co
3. Virginia
4. Kentucky
5. Arkansas
6. Ohio
7. All over the Southeast (from Texas to NC and all in between)
8. Missouri

Places I would like to travel:
1. All over Europe
2. China
3. India
4. Japan
5. Australia and New Zealand
6. All over South America
7. Costa Rica
8. Everywhere in the U.S. that I haven't been yet

People I tag:
1. Kim Thomason
2. Meaghan Ryan
3. Crystal Lamar
4. Kristin Barron
5. Lots of my friends want a blog but don't have one yet. That is why I tagged some of the above people. So for my 5. - 8., I tag all of you who want to get started. Start with this!

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